Fabric Waterproof Coating™

  • $25.99
  • Save $26

This powerful repellent yields an invisible protective coating that repels water and stains to keep shoes clean and dry while allowing them to breathe. Safe and able to use on all clothing, suede, leather, fabric shoes, boots, hats and jackets.



  • Heavy duty resin-based waterproofing spray.
  • Blocks out water and help prevents stains. 
  • Does not discolor any footwear or apparel.
  • Protects against moisture, salt, and stains.
  • Prolongs the life of boots, shoes and garments.
  • Does not contain any harmful or corrosive materials (e.g. silicone).
  • Easy to use.


  1. Spray entire surface. 
  2. Dry overnight.

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